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Bangkok Christian College is the first school in Bangkok to provide an English Immersion Program (EIP) as well as being the first recognized by the Office of Private Education Commission within the Thai Ministry of Education. The English Immersion Program (EIP) provides comprehensive instruction for main subjects in English, enabling students to reach their full potential for success.

The Goals of the EIP Primary Section:

1. Communicate fluently and articulately in both English and Thai.
2. Understand, appreciate, and thrive within Thai and Western cultures.
3. Think critically and creatively to solve problems independently and live ethically.
4. Understand and use technology to develop lifelong learning habits.

EIP Blog

Grade 3 – logic & function

Grade 3 are currently working wonders in scratch. Learning to to think sequentially and write cool games and programs. Here are some examples of their logic works.

Grade 5 – Health Week – Teacher Briony.

This week Grade 5 have been taking part in activities for health week. They have learned how to make healthy snacks; about the benefits of fruit and vegetables and were even allowed to take some lettuce seeds to grow at home. Please enjoy the great photos of the activities this week.

Python Coding

We are starting to learn python in computer class in grades 4/5/6. Attached are some photos of grade 5/10 enjoying python coding within a game environment.

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