Grade 5 – Reading Exercise

In EIP grade 5 English, students recently read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Students made ‘flap booklets’ with pictures and descriptions of characters and settings from the story, chosen by each student. The teacher checked students’ writing before they finalized and turned in their projects. As with this particular topic, novel studies can be effective for teaching vocabulary, grammar, literary elements and creativity in writing and art.”

Grade 3 – Making Scratch Games.

Scratch is an excellent free platform that allows young learners to learn coding through dragging and dropping “blocks” in an easy to learn interface. Through this website, students can create animations and games very quickly.

In class, Grade 3 were having fun making a Dodgeball game where the character has to move to avoid randomly dropping balls from the sky.

Grade 5 & 6 HTML

Grade 5 & 6 are currently learning how to code in HTML. Today’s lesson was on style sheets – and how to change page formatting. Great job today by class 6/9.

Grade 3 – logic & function

Grade 3 are currently working wonders in scratch. Learning to to think sequentially and write cool games and programs. Here are some examples of their logic works.

Grade 5 – Health Week – Teacher Briony.

This week Grade 5 have been taking part in activities for health week. They have learned how to make healthy snacks; about the benefits of fruit and vegetables and were even allowed to take some lettuce seeds to grow at home. Please enjoy the great photos of the activities this week.

Python Coding

We are starting to learn python in computer class in grades 4/5/6. Attached are some photos of grade 5/10 enjoying python coding within a game environment.

Class 1/9 – Plant project – T.Noah

This week class 1/9 have been learning what plants need to grow and change. Part of the discovery has been identifying things plants need to live. 1/9 have been discovering different plant structures (seeds , leaves, stems, roots and flowers) how seeds transform into young adult plants, and what are the essential ingredients for successful plant life.

Throughout the past month the grade 1/9 classroom have been discovering , in depth, all of these fascinating topics inside the classroom as well as in the science lab.

Class 1/9 are looking forward to discovering the animals of our planet and how we scientists classify them in the coming month.

Class 4/8 Computer Art Lessons

Today class 4/8 were making pieces of digital art using the tools available in Paint.NET. Please see attached the photos of some of the beautiful artwork the students made. As well as two files available to download for computer wallpaper.