Student Elections

Not long ago student elections were held for primary school students at BCC. The students had to vote in a new council, president and vice-president of the Student Council.

On the morning of the elections, one by one, the pupils entered the polling station – complete with a table for the election staff, a waiting area, a polling booth and a ballot box.

The students names had to be checked against a list, and their IDs had to be stamped at the time of their vote. At the table of the election staff they received slips for the candidates. Then they waited their turn before being escorted to the voting booth, where they could make their choice in the utmost privacy.

The candidates campaigned with lots of enthusiasm during recent days. They prepared many creative campaign posters that they placed all over the school. All the candidates were promoting peaceful values, showing their willingness to contribute to improving the life our their fellows during the school year.

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