MathWhizz P5

Recently, Teacher Tom conducted the first MathWhizz class for students in Grade 5.

In preparation for the upcoming Grade 5 Math quiz on Multiplication Strategies, Teacher Tom tailored the MathWhizz session so students focused on a range of Multiplication Problems, all of which will compliment the upcoming quiz perfectly.

MathWhizz was developed by a company from London, England which aims to help students increase their ability in Math by learning at their own pace.

The software gives students Math exercises which are at their ‘math age’ level so they are always challenged to an appropriate degree.

MathWhizz say that if students complete 60 minutes of MathWhizz every week for 12 months, students will be able increase their ‘math age’ by 18 months, 50% more progress than what would be normally expected.

For pictures click on the link(s) below.

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